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Huzhou is well known as one of the birthplaces for silk cultivation. In 1958, a great number of silk, silk ribbon and un-carbonized tablets were found in the southern suburbs of Huzhou. Scientists from the Institute of Archaeology measured these silk products carefully and determined the age of the silk to date back 4700 years.

Now, these silk pieces have become the greatest treasures of the Zhejiang Silk Museum. Huzhou silk has many desirable features, such as paleness in color, luster, flexibility, and roundness in shape. As a result, Huzhou silk has been respected and desired for a very long time.

Hundreds of years of silk of craftsmanship is being utilized under the roof of the Shiwanrenjia Silk Technology and to this day the silk going to the world has the unmatched quality, shine and longevity. We have successfully managed to scale traditional manufacturing methods and processes and move it to the modern era that keeps this century old brand still in business.

Our product range includes domestic silk products such as bedding sets, pillowcases and duvet covers as well as personal apparel such as silk scarfs, hair bonnets, scrunchies, turbans and eye masks. Our product offering caters for both the international and domestic markets with an emphasis on quality, competitive pricing, and fast and reliable delivery options.

Main silk weave we are using in our products is Charmeuse – a classical weave excellent for the whole range of our products. However, different weaves have different look and texture to them and high customization options we are offering enable our client to have their product made in the particular weave such as Georgette, silk Twill, silk Satin, Crepe de Chine, Jacquard and Chiffon. Each of these weaves can be used to emphasise particular product feature

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